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Import department is mainly engaged in importing trade of goods and service, license processing and exemption from 3C certification.

Autonomous system is responsible for meeting domestic demand of the subsidiaries of FAW group, completing overseas procurement of prototype, spare parts, equipment, raw materials and technology import, through which accumulate rich experience in business negotiation, owning the ability of overcoming difficulties, and guarantee FAW group’s production to the greatest degree.

Audi vehicle project has established three port systems in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Tianjin, cultivating high quality, internationalization and responsible team, full of which has passed ISO9001 quality training, Basing the principle of "excellent service", Audi vehicle project constantly extend service contents, improve service levels, and expand service value.

Spare parts plate has established a friendly partnership with FAW-VW, FAW Feng Yue Company, FAW Toyota Changchun Engine Co., Ltd. ,FAW Mazda Motor Sales Co., Ltd., Toyota Sales, and other joint venture manufacturer. Make intensive cultivation, cost decreasing and benefit increasing , continuing to optimize the supply chain for customers.

To meet the requirement of international AEO certification, implement the group’s strategy, follow the company's deployment, the staff of import department are sure to accomplish their mission with the greatest enthusiasm.

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