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In 2001, the State Ministry of Commerce granted FAW Group Import & Export corporation the qualification of International bidding for mechanical and electrical products. In 2002, Changchun FAW International Tendering Co., Ltd. was set up by FAW Group Import & Export corporation. As the A-class tendering agency approved by the Ministry of Commerce, Changchun FAW International Tendering Co., Ltd. has always been focusing on the business of international Bidding and importing of electrical & Mechanical Products, as well as domestic bidding of electrical & Mechanical products and Service.


We, Changchun FAW International Tendering Co., Ltd., undertake the international & domestic bidding of the large and complex equipment for researching, developing and manufacturing vehicles and spare parts, International business contract negotiation and execution, tax exemption of imported goods, the import permit license, the end user statement, domestic and international cargo transport, import and export customs clearance, commodity inspection, insurance, cargo storage, claim for compensation, interest subsidy etc..


By the end of 2017, our import volume of international bidding has reached $10.5 billion, with an average saving rate of 15% for our customer. We have Won the prize of China top Ten most influential tendering institution awards in 2011, and awarded as Integrity bidding agency by CHINABIDDING.COM in 2015, and Top 10 brand Bidding Agency in China 2016 and 2017. In 2018, we are building the e-platform of Tendering and Purchasing for FAW Group and will be OPERATING the platform, by which we are now capable of the entire process of online inquiry, inquiry procurement, bidding procurement, auction, single sourcing for engineering, Goods and Service bidding.
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