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Deep integration into the “Belt and Road”, China FAW in-depth development of the Russian market

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On September 12, during the Fourth Eastern Economic Forum, under the witness of the CPC Jilin Provincial Party Secretary Bayin Chaolu, FAW Import and Export Corporation and Yubo-Sumoteli Company in Vladivostok, Russia Signing a strategic cooperation agreement has opened a new page for FAW to implement the “Belt and Road Initiative” and deepen the layout of the Russian Far East market. Jilin Province Development and Reform Commission, the Department of Commerce, the Foreign Affairs Office, the Economic and Trade Bureau and other relevant leaders attended the signing ceremony.

The theme of this Eastern Economic Forum is “Far East: More Opportunities”. At the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the forum for the first time and delivered an important speech, reflecting China’s strong commitment to participate in Far East cooperation and its determination to promote inter-regional development and prosperity. The holding of the forum provided a favorable opportunity for China and the Russian Far East to strengthen cooperation. During the period, a series of cooperation projects between China and Russia were signed.

The strategic cooperation between FAW and Russia's Yubo-Sumotoli Company, as the key project of Jilin Province's “Belt and Road” to Russia, was highly valued by the Secretary of Bayin Chaolu who participated in the Oriental Economic Forum in Russia, and personally led the team to attend and witness The signing ceremony for cooperation between the two parties.

At the ceremony, the head of the overseas business department of FAW Group, the party secretary and chairman of FAW Import and Export Corporation, Yan Feng, and the general manager of Yubo-Sumoteli, the Russian general manager Konstantin Gulkovic, signed cooperation on behalf of the two companies. Agreement, the import and modification rights of Yubo-Sumotoli Company were granted by FAW Import and Export Corporation. The company is located in Vladivostok Freeport. It has advanced technology and experience in the field of special vehicle modification. It enjoys a series of preferential policies in the free trade zone. It promises to use its preferential policies to help FAW reduce import costs and improve product competition. Advantage. The signing of this contract is another important measure for China FAW to implement the “One Belt and One Road” initiative and further increase its efforts in the development of the Russian Far East, laying a solid foundation for the sales growth of FAW commercial vehicles in the local market.

After the signing ceremony, the secretary of Bayin Chaolu led a delegation to visit the top processing factory of Yubo-Sumoteli Company, inquired about the progress of the project and future planning, and fully affirmed the development achievements of FAW Group in the Russian market. I wish the cooperation between the two sides a complete success.


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