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China First Automobile Group Import & Export Co., Ltd. Overseas Markets Overall Data - Sales (Wholesale Data) and Forecasting Pr

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China First Automobile Group Import & Export Co., Ltd. Overseas Markets Overall Data - Sales (Wholesale Data) and Forecasting Procurement Recruitment Announcement

Due to the company's business development needs, China First Automobile Group Import & Export Co., Ltd. intends to openly recruit the overall data of overseas markets - sales (wholesale data) and forecasting procurement projects, please pay attention to the following announcements:

1. Recruitment standards

1.1 In compliance with the relevant laws and regulations, enterprises and institutions that are engaged in the recruitment and business approval and meet the qualifications stipulated in the recruitment documents are required to have a valid business license, tax registration certificate, and organization. The code certificate has a good business reputation, and the project does not accept the joint bidding;

1.2 The bidders have excellent performance and no bad business practices, and do not accept bids from enterprises listed in the government's bad behavior record and FAW blacklist.

1.3 The company participating in the recruitment must be a company registered in mainland China before October 1, 2016;

1.4 The number of fixed-team companies participating in the recruitment is more than 5;

1.5 The companies involved in the recruitment need to have rich experience in customer service in the automotive industry, and have the experience of directly serving domestic or overseas large automobile companies like this one year or more.

2. Recruitment notice

2.1 Trade secret protection: If the recruitment is successful, the contracting company must abide by the confidentiality agreement and other confidentiality provisions of China FAW Group Import and Export Co., Ltd.

2.2 Companies that meet the recruitment criteria and are willing to participate in the recruitment selection Please submit the electronic version (electronic documents and scanned copies) of the materials specified in Article 3 of this announcement to the website in the form of a web link before 17:00 on October 26, 2017 Beijing time. Emailed to the designated email address (wangjunjiea_iec@faw.com.cn), overdue is considered invalid.

Submission and confirmation of the application materials:

Wang Junjie 15948379865/0431-81121190

E-mail: wangjunjiea_iec@faw.com.cn

3. Submit information

3.1 Download the recruitment application form, participate in the recruitment authorization letter and submit the authenticity commitment letter of the qualification document, please fill in the relevant information of the company truthfully, and sign the legal representative and affix the official seal of the company;

3.2 Company qualification: business license, tax registration certificate, VAT general taxpayer qualification identification materials, organization code certificate and other certification materials; legal representative ID card, authorized manager ID card. (Note: Please provide a copy of the above contents; please affix the official seal of the company's business license and provide the business license information on the official website of the industry and commerce department)

3.3 The company's management organization and personnel: management organization and personnel introduction, (quantity, working years, qualifications, etc.) (Note: It is necessary to provide relevant certificates for the above-mentioned personnel to pay social security for nearly half a year, otherwise the information is deemed invalid);

3.4 Data sample requirements

3.4.1 Data Coverage Time: Monthly update data from December 2018 to December 2019, forecast data from 2019 to 2030, historical data from January 2009 to June 2018.

3.4.2 Data coverage Car sales data country range

区域 Area: Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, North America, Oceania

 Country:

1 Developed countries should include: developed countries defined by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) such as the United States, Western Europe, Japan, and South Korea;

2 Developing countries should include: developing countries defined by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) such as Russia, South Africa, India, Brazil, Iran, Pakistan, Vietnam, Kenya, and Tanzania. Car sales data field range

1 line: marked according to the following classification criteria

a) Medium and heavy trucks: heavy truck (GVW>14T), medium card (7T<GVW≤14T);

b) passenger car: mainly used to carry passengers and their carry-on baggage, including up to 9 seats, including the driver's seat;

c) Mini-car: micro-card (GVW ≤ 1.8T), micro-face (car length ≤ 3.5 meters);

d) Light vehicle: light truck (1.8T<GVW≤6T);

e) Passenger cars: large passenger cars (length > 10 meters), medium passenger cars (7 meters < car length ≤ 10 meters),

f) small passenger car (3.5 meters < car length ≤ 7 meters);

2 market segments:

a) Heavy trucks are divided into traction, cargo, dumping, and special

b) Passenger cars are divided into A00, A0, A, B, C, etc.

c) Mini-cars are divided into micro-cards, micro-facets,

d) Light vehicles are divided into light trucks and pickup trucks.

e) Passenger cars are divided into large, medium and small;

3 body form: passenger cars are divided into cars, SUVs, MPVs;

4 brand: including all brands (the nature of the brand should be divided by independent joint venture), for example, Chery, Emgrand, Pentium, etc.;

5 models: including all models; for example, QQ, EC7, B50, etc.;

6 Manufacturer: Contains all manufacturers; for example, Chery, Geely, FAW, etc.;

Please use the above structure to provide overseas sales data from 2018 to 2020 as forecasted in 2017, in the form of editable excel, as a data sample.

3.5 Relevant supporting materials (financial statements) of the company's operating income in the past two years;

3.6 Other qualification documents mentioned in the recruitment return form shall be provided together; for those who have completed the report but fail to provide valid proof materials, they will be deemed invalid;

The above information and information must be true and the electronic and paper versions must be identical. If it is found that there is false information, it will cancel its recruitment qualification.

4. Recruitment process

4.1 Recruitment Announcement

4.2 Receiving registration company information

4.3 Relevant data screening review

4.4 If the submission of the preliminary examination is approved, the company will be notified of the next step.

5. Other matters

The above announcement is the recruitment notice;

5.2 China FAW Group Import & Export Co., Ltd. will select companies that meet the relevant qualification standards from the applicants to participate in the bidding, and the companies that have obtained the bidding qualifications need to sign a confidentiality agreement with China FAW Group Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Annex 1: Recruitment Declaration Form

Attachment 2: Letter of Attorney, Commitment Document Authenticity Commitment

Note: The final interpretation right of this announcement belongs to China First Automobile Group Import and Export Co., Ltd.


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