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China First Automobile Group Import and Export Co., Ltd. (Overseas Division) - 2018-2019 Overseas Market Situation, Policy Dynam

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China First Automobile Group Import and Export Co., Ltd. (Overseas Division) - 2018-2019 Overseas Market Situation, Policy Dynamic Tracking Analysis and Pre-judging Project" Procurement Recruitment Announcement

FAW Group Import and Export Co., Ltd. (Overseas Division) intends to openly recruit "2018-2019 overseas market situation, policy dynamic tracking analysis and pre-judgment project", please pay attention to the following announcements:

First, recruitment criteria:

1. A company with independent legal person status registered in accordance with the "Company Law of the People's Republic of China" has a valid business license and tax registration certificate, and has a good business reputation and a sound financial accounting system;

2. The registered capital is not less than RMB 1 million;

3. The business scope approved by the company shall include the category of “information consulting services”;

4. The company or its controlling parent company must have 3 years and above overseas market situation and policy research experience;

Second, recruitment tips:

1. Main contents of the business after signing: Collecting and preliminary summarizing international macroeconomic, automobile related policies, major events affecting overseas auto market, domestic export related policies, economic information, major overseas projects of related industries, etc. Impact, rationalization proposals for risks that have emerged or may exist in various aspects at home and abroad.

2. Trade secret protection: If the recruitment is successful, the contracting company must abide by the confidentiality agreement and other related confidentiality provisions of FAW Group Import and Export Co., Ltd. (Overseas Business Department).

3. Companies that meet the recruitment criteria and are willing to participate in the recruitment selection. Please send the electronic scanned copy of the information specified in Article 3 of this announcement to the designated email address before 23:59 on October 23, 2018 (the maximum path of the mail is 20M, exceeding the size). Please attach the link to the network disk; please confirm by email after sending the email. The information submitted after the deadline is considered invalid.

4. The specific contact details are as follows:

Wang Junjie: 0431-81121190

Email: wangjunjiea_iec@faw.com.cn

Third, the information must be submitted:

1. Declaration form (please see attachment) Please fill in the relevant information of your company truthfully, stamp the company's official seal and ask the legal representative to sign.

2. Qualification of the company: business license that has passed the annual inspection, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate and other supporting materials; legal representative certificate or legal person power of attorney, legal representative's ID card, manager's ID card. (Note: Please provide a copy and affix the official seal for the above contents; provide the official license for the official website of the business license);

3. The company management organization and the team proposed for the project:

The company's personnel composition, project execution team composition and experience.

4. Relevant information on overseas market situation and policies in the past three years (2015-2017), the performance of similar projects and the OEM customers directly served (copy of project name and contract);

The above information and information must be true. If you find false information and information, you will be disqualified.

Fourth, the recruitment process:

1. Recruitment announcement official website announced

2. Collecting information about the company that should be recruited

3. Relevant data screening review

4. If the submission of the preliminary examination is approved, the company will be notified of the next step.


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