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"Welcome the Challenge and Practice the SPIRIT Culture" ---- FAW Import and Export Corporation "Improve the Effect and Change" A

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"Meet the challenge and practice the SPIRIT culture"

---- FAW Import and Export Corporation "Improving Efficiency and Reform" Action

March 3

"Improvement, change," change work style action

On March 3, the group company held a meeting to expand the work of “improving efficiency and change”.

March 4th

Import and export company "effectiveness and change" deployment

The Party Committee of the Import and Export Corporation held a party committee on March 4th to carry out the “efficiency and change” work arrangement in conjunction with the actual situation of the company, and jointly studied the “Proposal for All Leading Cadres of FAW” and “Ten Articles on Further Changing the Work Style” opinion".

Prior to this, the import and export company will achieve the goal of “double rate improvement” in 2018, actively promote “double promotion, double improvement”, and launch the company's CEI (cost efficiency) with the theme of “purifying quality and reducing efficiency”. Plan) Practice activities, this project held a project launch conference in early February, and it has achieved initial results. Since the beginning of the year, there have been frequent reports from overseas, and breakthroughs have been made in markets such as Iran, Russia and Rwanda.

On March 13th, the company held a special meeting on “Improving Efficiency and Transforming” to change the work style. The party secretary and chairman Yan Feng made a presentation on the situation and task entitled “Meeting the Challenge • Practicing the SPIRIT Culture”. It conveyed the group's “improvement and change” transformation work style and action work deployment, and clearly put forward the requirements and specific plans for the import and export company “improvement of efficiency and change” work style and work action.


Chairman Yan Feng emphasized that after the adjustment of the company's organization, the overall appearance is one of the new ones, and the employees have fully exerted the spirit of overcoming difficulties. The company's work has been steadily advanced as planned. However, it is also necessary for all employees to have a correct understanding of the current situation and tasks. This requires us to understand the crisis, investigate the inadequacy, change the concept, change the style, increase the ability, and improve efficiency. In 2018, the import and export company established a new corporate culture of "SPIRIT" with the core of Excellence, Passion, Initiative, Respect, Innovative and Teamwork.

Chairman Yan Feng called on all employees to practice the SPIRIT corporate culture in the “Improvement and Transformation” transformation work style, and consciously unify thoughts and actions into the company's decision-making and deployment, and build a new style, encouragement, and responsibility. The flag won the bid, the first is the best, the work is changed, and the goal is achieved.


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