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Beijing Port Agent Recruitment Announcement

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China First Automobile Import and Export Co., Ltd. (Overseas Division)
Beijing Port Agent Recruitment Announcement
First, recruitment criteria:
1. Establish an enterprise according to law, have an effective business license for corporate legal person, have a good business reputation and a sound financial accounting system.
2. Qualification of the company: The registered capital is not less than RMB 5 million; it has the customs declaration and agency inspection qualification for customs and commodity inspection registration; it has a fixed office space and can provide the certification documents; it is the customs AEO general certification enterprise or senior certification. enterprise.
3. The company's annual import and export declarations for the Beijing port for two consecutive years (2016, 2017) are no less than 5,000 votes.
4. Service experience: The company must have 3 years or more of air cargo import and export, complete parts declaration, inspection and related logistics experience;
5. Service ability:
1) Bidders can provide international freight forwarding services, including: customs declaration, inspection, warehousing, inland transportation, etc.;
2) The bidder's monthly advancement ability is at least RMB 500,000 and the corresponding financial certificate is provided;
3) The account period provided by the bidder is at least one month;
4) Bidders must lease the secondary supervision warehouse of Beijing Customs for their own or long-term;
5) Bidders must be equipped with specialized business personnel and business managers to serve the project.
Second, recruitment tips:
1. Business scope after signing:
Beijing Port Air Transport Project commissioned by our company.
2. Trade secret protection: If the recruitment is successful, the contracting company must abide by the confidentiality agreement of China First Automobile Import and Export Co., Ltd. and other relevant confidentiality provisions.
3. Companies that meet the recruitment criteria and are willing to participate in the recruitment selection. Please submit the simplified version of the information specified in Article 3 (submission of information) of this announcement (the seal is stamped with the company's official seal) at 17:00 on April 25, 2018 Beijing time. Before the point, it will be mailed to the storage and transportation room of China First Automobile Import and Export Co., Ltd. by SF Express. The time of the local postmark when the courier is sent will be subject to the invalidity. Please also inform the courier mailing time and courier number by email in case you need to check the file.
The specific mailing address and contact details are as follows:
Postal address:
Storage and Transportation Office of China First Automobile Import and Export Co., Ltd., Tianfu Road, Changchun City, Jilin Province
Zip code: 130118
  Contact information:
Xiao Guanchun: 0431 – 81121151 Email:xiaoguanchun_iec@faw.com.cn
Third, the information must be submitted:
1. Introduction to the company, including but not limited to company size, branches, etc.;
2, the application form (please see the attachment): Please fill in the relevant information of your company truthfully, stamp the company's official seal and ask the legal representative to sign;
3. Qualification of the company: business license and other certification materials that have passed the annual inspection; legal representative certificate or legal person power of attorney; legal representative's ID card, manager's ID card; customs and commodity inspection registration agent declaration, agent inspection qualification; A copy of the title certificate or lease contract for the office; AEO General Certified Enterprise or Advanced Certified Enterprise Document. (Note: Please provide a copy of the above content; please affix the official seal of the company with the business license and provide the official information of the official website of the business license);
4. The company's management organization and personnel: introduction of management organizations and personnel, related sales, customer service professionals (quantity, working years, qualifications, etc.). (Note: Each professional must provide a social security payment certificate for nearly half a year, only to apply for the payment of the name of the registration company);
5. Cases of the same industry in the past three years: Cases and achievements of customs declaration, inspection and related logistics management that have been implemented in the past three years (please provide information on the successful cases and affix the official seal).
The above information and information must be true. If you find false information and information, you will be disqualified. If the container shipping company passes the primary selection process, it still needs to be provided in the follow-up.
Fourth, the recruitment process:
1. Recruitment announcement official website announced;
2. Collect information about the company that should be recruited;
3. Relevant data screening review;
4. If the submission of the preliminary examination is approved, the company will be notified of the next step.
Attachment: Recruitment Return
Note: The final interpretation of this announcement belongs to China First Automobile Import and Export Co., Ltd.


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