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China FAW Hongqi H7 Equatorial Guinea Delivery Ceremony

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On July 5, China FAW Hongqi H7 Equatorial Guinea delivery ceremony was held in the First Automobile Import and Export Corporation. China FAW delivered 26 red flag H7 cars to the Equatorial Guinea government. The representative of the Embassy of Equatorial Guinea, Mr. Camilo, Ms. Rosa, the Standing Committee of the FAW Group Party Committee, the Deputy General Manager Qiu Xiandong, the Overseas Business Department of FAW Group and the Chairman of FAW Import and Export Corporation Yan Feng attended the ceremony.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1970, China and Chiba have maintained long-term friendly cooperative relations. Yan Feng, Chairman of FAW Import and Export Corporation, expressed gratitude to the Equatorial Guinea government and people for their trust in FAW and Hongqi, and wished the upcoming celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Equatorial Guinea. At the same time, Chairman Yan Feng also said: China FAW hopes to take this opportunity to keep up with the pace of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, to build brand influence with embassies and government vehicles, and gradually accelerate the development of international business of Hongqi high-end passenger vehicles. To serve the new high-profile people in the world, and to build Red Flag into a benchmark brand for high-end travel services.

As a flag of China's automobile industry, Hongqi has pinned the sentiments and historical mission of a generation of FAW people. Guided by the concepts of “New High”, “New Exquisiteness” and “New Feelings”, Hongqi Brand integrates Chinese traditional excellent culture with world advanced culture, modern fashion design, cutting-edge science and technology, and fine emotional experience to create superior products. And services, making the red flag "China's first, world-famous" "new high-end brand" to meet consumers' pursuit of a new era of "good life, wonderful travel."

The representative of the Embassy of Equatorial Guinea, Mr. Camillo, on behalf of the Government of Equatorial Guinea, sincerely thanked the Chinese government and China FAW for their support and assistance to Equatorial Guinea. In his speech, Mr. Camillo said: "I know that the Red Flag is a jewel of the Chinese automobile industry. It has a glorious history. She is both the 'national car' that serves the head of state and the 'national car' that serves the public. In this car's red flag car, I can feel the dignity and elegance of Chinese culture, and can feel the convenience and fashion of modern technology. I am full of expectations for Hongqi's excellent products and services."


At the same time, Mr. Camillo also said that the cooperation between the two countries in the field of industry and modern service industry is vast and has great potential. It is hoped that in the near future, China FAW Group will be able to invest in Equatorial Guinea and make full use of the superior resources of both parties to achieve mutual benefit.

Subsequently, Liu Baoquan, deputy general manager of FAW Import and Export Corporation, sent the red flag H7 key to Mr. Camillo, the representative of the Embassy of Equatorial Guinea.


New Red Flag, a new journey! Import and export companies will meet the increasingly diverse needs of the international automotive market with superior products and services. We will introduce a good regional brand awareness by introducing government vehicles first, and strongly influence the target audience and settle in the broader international automobile market. In the end, the export market will be used as a powerful supplement to help the Hongqi brand develop in an all-round way.


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