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Exploring the future of China's auto industry Xu Liuping has an in-depth dialogue with the Internet world in Wuzhen

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On November 8, 2018, at the 5th World Internet Conference "Innovation and Breakthrough of Industrial Internet" sub-forum, Xu Liuping, Chairman of China FAW Group Co., Ltd. delivered a keynote speech on the automobile industry with Chinese characteristics in the new era.

In the new era, China's automobile industry presents the phenomenon of "Spring and Autumn and Warring States". "Innovative competition, cooperation and win-win" is still the way of survival and development of the automobile industry with Chinese characteristics. Innovation, specialization, platformization, alliance, and ecologicalization will be the automobile industry. The key to development.

Based on the judgment of the new era of China's automobile industry 4.0, China FAW Hongqi brand's industrial view in the new era: innovation competition, cooperation and win-win.

From November 7 to 9, 2018, the 5th World Internet Conference, co-sponsored by the National Internet Information Office and the Zhejiang Provincial People's Government, was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang. The Red Flag brand is the highlight of the Diamond Partner of this conference. This is the first time that the Chinese national automobile brand has supported the International Summit. The Hongqi brand has become the official designated car brand for the guests, and has brought a variety of new models and technologies to make a wonderful appearance. On November 8th, Xu Liuping, the chairman of China First Automobile Group Co., Ltd., attended the conference and delivered a keynote speech to discuss "Innovation and Breakthrough in Industrial Internet" with the elites from all walks of life.


The new era of Chinese characteristics of the automotive industry entered the 4.0 era

In his speech, Xu Liuping put forward the statement that "the automobile industry with Chinese characteristics entered the 4.0 era in the new era." He said: "In 2018, China's auto industry has ushered in a new era. The characteristics of this new era include three aspects: First, long-term sustained economic growth and income growth, leading to consumption upgrades; but the current economic uncertainty Sex will bring about a decline in the market capacity and profitability of the auto industry. The harsh winter of the auto industry may be 'real'. Second, the development of China's auto industry will be brought about by the development of consumer preferences, policy-driven and new energy and intelligent network technology. The characteristics are more obvious, and have changed significantly with the industrial status of the mainstream developed countries. Third, the national industrial policy has a clear timetable for opening up, making the Chinese market more open, and Chinese and foreign auto companies gain equal competitive status, which will bring market competition subjects or Will be more diverse, the cruelty of market competition is more intense."

In summary, the evolution of the “automotive industry with Chinese characteristics” has gone through four key historical stages, namely the 1.0 era: in 1953, the Central Government of New China created the first automobile manufacturing plant and opened the door to innovation in China's automobile industry; The pace of national reform and opening up, China's auto industry entered the era of joint venture and cooperation; 3.0 era: around 1997, with the continuous improvement and long-term progress of China's economic and industrial base, China's auto industry's own brands broke ground; 4.0 era: in the new economy, Under the background of new consumption, new technologies and new openness, in 2018, the Chinese auto industry ushered in a "new era."

  新时代中国汽车产业呈现“春秋战国”现象    中国汽车产业一百多年前诞生以来,给人类文明带来巨大进步,给人类出行带来巨大便利,汽车产业从此成为资本、技术、劳动力、管理、密集的行业,成为工业、制造业皇冠上的明珠。自此,在中国汽车产业成为非常热门的行业。在这样的“新时代”背景下,传统汽车企业、新造车势力、互联网公司IT企业、出行企业,政府机构、资本投资都有一个共同的“汽车梦”,致使中国汽车业在繁荣、景气的表象下已显现“低水平重复、产能过剩、过度进入”的乱象。    徐留平认为:“无论产业如何千变万化形态各异,但是,目前看来经济学中专业化分工理论仍然是主导产业长期持续发展第一性原则,各展所能、各用其长,跨界融合、合作共赢才是正道。新时代,根植于学习曲线的基本经济规律没有变,专业化分工的理论基础没有变,汽车产业作为时尚业和紧密涉及人身安全的大制造业融合的产业基础没有变”。

The Chinese automobile industry in the new era presents the phenomenon of "Spring and Autumn and Warring States"

Since the birth of the Chinese automobile industry more than 100 years ago, it has brought tremendous progress to human civilization and brought great convenience to human travel. The automobile industry has since become a capital, technology, labor, management, and intensive industry, and has become the crown of industry and manufacturing. Pearl of the. Since then, the Chinese automotive industry has become a very popular industry. In the context of such a "new era", traditional automobile companies, new car powers, Internet companies, IT companies, travel companies, government agencies, and capital investment all have a common "car dream," which has made China's auto industry prosperous and prosperous. Under the appearance of the phenomenon of "low level of repetition, overcapacity, excessive entry".

Xu Liuping believes: "No matter how the industry changes in different forms, however, it seems that the theory of specialized division of labor in economics is still the first principle of long-term sustainable development of leading industries, each exhibition can use its own, cross-border integration, Cooperation and win-win is the right path. In the new era, the basic economic laws rooted in the learning curve have not changed, and the theoretical basis of specialized division of labor has not changed. The automobile industry as the fashion industry and the industrial base of the large manufacturing industry that closely involves personal safety has not changed. ".


 The survival and development of China's automobile industry in the new era

In Xu Liuping's view, in the era of the automotive industry 4.0, innovation, specialization, platformization, alliance, and ecologicalization will be the key to the development of the automotive industry. The core is innovation, through innovation, to achieve differentiated, unique experience; through professionalization, to achieve the various directors, professional division of labor; through the platform, to achieve basic cooperation, build and share; through alliance, to achieve alliance cooperation, Governance and sharing; through ecologicalization, achieve multi-party cooperation and create sharing.

In his speech, he said: "Based on the judgment of the new era of China's auto industry 4.0, China FAW Hongqi brand's industrial view in the new era: innovation and competition, cooperation and win-win."

The Red Flag brand is practicing this commitment with practical and innovative actions.

Since the beginning of this year, the Red Flag brand has been moving frequently. In addition to working with the World Internet Conference, Hongqi not only sponsors the Beijing Summit of the China-Africa Forum, but also participates in the key professional areas such as the TIAA Conference, the Internet of Things Expo, the AVEC 2018 Conference, and the Baidu Conference. All kinds of innovations reflect the innovation of the Hongqi brand. Passing through the breakthrough.

The Red Flag brand is using Internet thinking to accelerate the marketization process. With an open mind, the Red Flag brand has established strategic partnerships with Internet giants such as Baidu, Tencent and Huawei to continuously explore the smart Internet ecosystem of “Internet + Automotive”. In terms of product technology, Hongqi accelerates independent research and development and technological innovation. Its self-developed automotive interconnection system covers various life scenarios such as vehicle remote control, intelligent transportation, and smart home interconnection, involving people and vehicles, vehicles and vehicles, and vehicles. There are five areas such as home networking.

In terms of travel services and industrial ecology, Hongqi brand actively deployed mobile travel services, explored and promoted the operation modes of Hongqi Travel, Official Vehicle 3.0, and opened up the entire industry value chain to create a smart travel ecosystem. In addition, the design and construction reflect the harmonious symbiosis between man and nature, the “four in one” of production, city, people and literature, and the red flag green smart town that integrates innovation, creation and entrepreneurship. In terms of cross-border innovation, Hongqi has jointly established 16 collaborative innovation laboratories to build a Red Flag brand innovation ecosystem alliance.

The Chinese auto industry under the new era is full of charm. The Chinese auto industry under the new dream is undergoing an upgrade, and the Chinese auto industry in the new journey will be more brilliant. Xu Liuping said: "China's auto industry is in a critical period of transition to a new era. The future of China's auto industry will be an era of co-creation, sharing, co-governance and symbiosis. Challenges and challenges in this process of transformation and upgrading Opportunities coexist, surprises and anxiety are in the same place. Who can better grasp new trends, better enrich cooperation, expand alliances, better face users, and directly attack pain points, so that they can walk in the forefront and stand on the forefront!"


The World Internet Conference has been successfully held for four times. It is the largest and highest level Internet conference held in China and a high-end conference in the world Internet field. The conference invited national politicians and corporate executives to attend the world, attracting thousands of companies from around the world to participate in the show, bringing together the world's most cutting-edge new Internet technologies. As the diamond partner of this conference, the Hongqi brand not only became the official designated car, but also brought its own independent research and development products and technologies in the fields of intelligent network and intelligent travel ecosystem.
About the red flag brand:
The Hongqi brand is a high-end sedan brand owned by China FAW and is directly operated by the headquarters of China FAW Group.
For the Chinese, the red flag is not only a famous car brand, but also a deep feeling and sacred memory. For FAW people, the red flag is a strong responsibility and historical mission. In 1958, the red flag sedan was born. Since then, the Red Flag has become a national leader and a national car for major national events. In the 1960s and 1970s, the Red Flag sedan became a flag of the Chinese auto industry. After the reform and opening up, Hongqi continued to bear the burden of marketization and commercialization while continuing to shoulder the heavy responsibility of “national car”. On January 8, 2018, China FAW released the new Hongqi brand strategy. On April 25, 2018, the Hongqi brand history debuted at the Beijing Auto Show for the first time, and the high-end B-class red flag H5 was shocked.
About the new red flag brand strategy:
New Red Flag Brand Concept: Chinese New High Purity
The new red flag will highlight the concept of “new high”, “new exquisiteness” and “new feelings”, and integrate Chinese excellent culture with world advanced culture, modern fashion design, cutting-edge science and technology, and fine emotional experience to create superior products and services.
· New Red Flag target customers: Chinese new high-spirited people
· New Red Flag Strategic Objective: To build the new red flag into a “new high-end brand” of “China’s first and world-famous”, to satisfy consumers’ pursuit of “good life and wonderful travel” in the new era, and to shoulder the powerful Chinese car given by history. The heavy responsibility of the industry.
· New Red Flag product series: The new Red Flag family will include four series of products: L, S, H and Q.
L series, new high red flag supreme car; S series, new high red flag coupe; H series, new high red flag mainstream car; Q series, new high red flag business travel.
For more information, please visit www.faw-hongqi.com.cn; or scan the QR code below to follow the official WeChat of FAW Red Flag



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