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January 19, 2016 Nigeria FAW new 4S shop opening ceremony and the first locally assembled vehicles FAW heavy truck line-off ceremony ended successfully

Date:2016年1月19日 12:50

Local time on January 19, 2016, the city of Lagos, Nigeria, FAW new 4S shop opening ceremony and the first locally assembled vehicles FAW heavy truck line ceremony ended successfully. Consul General Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Lagos on behalf of Li Yong, People's Republic of China Consulate General in Lagos Commercial Office Commercial Consul Zhang Peng, the Commission on behalf of the Nigerian automobile LUQMAN MAMUDU, Hong Kong, China Li Xiaofeng, general manager of Lee Group, China First Automobile Group Import and Export Co., Ltd. General Manager Wang Zhijian, deputy general manager of FAW Africa investment Limited Nicheng Bo attended the ceremony.

Consul General Li Yong said at the ceremony: bilateral strategic partnership has developed rapidly in recent years, the China-Africa Cooperation Forum summit recently held in South Africa, "five-point" and "Ten Cooperation Programme" proposed by President Xi Jinping to Nepal relations development has injected new impetus; at the same time, Nigeria is now in a critical period of economic transition, China FAW Group and the Lee Group of cooperation, not only is China's "going out" strategy for new achievements, but also for the Nepalese economic diversification, industrial modernization make a positive contribution. Li Yong and pointed out that the international community continues to present various types of risk, hoping that all good risk prevention work in Nepal funded enterprises, the Consulate General in Lagos will continue to include FAW Group and the Lee Group, including Chinese-funded enterprises in Nepal healthy and smooth development of good service.

Nigeria is Africa's largest economy, China's auto industry is currently Africa's largest export market in the heavy truck. Based on the national "going out strategy" needs, taking into account up to 25% of the local government to provide preferential tariff for the assembly plant, in order to better seize market opportunities in Nigeria, Africa Investment Limited FAW famous local decisions in 2013 Chinese group - Lee Group to continue in-depth cooperation, the establishment of assembly plants in Nigeria. After two years of effort, with the support of the Group of Experts as well as the construction of the liberation of Qingdao Automobile Factory of technical personnel, to overcome difficulties, FAW heavy truck finally realized the localization of production in Nigeria.

Currently, planning assembly plant with an annual capacity of 700, the main products for the new Williams full floating roof with a skylight high 380-horsepower tractor. I believe that with the "Nigerian manufacturing" FAW trucks to enter the Nigerian market, FAW products is bound to its excellent quality and good service, more and more trust the people of Nigeria.

The ceremony, as the FAW Group in Nigeria agent, Lee Group and prominent Nigerians BUA GROUP Group signed a memorandum of cooperation for the supply of 200 units this year BUA Group heavy tractor agreement.

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