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Economic Daily: China's economic prospects and confidence in economic governance

Date:2016年4月15日 13:00

In the overall world economic recovery is weak, most emerging economies slowdown in economic growth in the background, the Indonesian trade and economic cooperation in Asia and the world much attention. Recently, the "Economic Daily" correspondent in the "2016 Annual Meeting of the Indonesian Ministry of Trade" gap, an exclusive interview with Indonesian Trade Minister Thomas Laimu Bang.

Reporter: Indonesia is ASEAN's largest economy, China is an important trading partner, you, as the Minister of Trade of Indonesia, what about the recent performance of the Chinese economy?

Thomas Laimu Bang: I am confident about the prospects of the Chinese economy and the Chinese government's economic governance. Since 2016, China's stock market volatility such problems as being grossly exaggerated. Market should not only focus on growth in the number, but should pay more attention to quality growth. I think that China is experiencing from investment-driven to consumption-driven economic transformation, the future is expected to form a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable economic structure. In this process, the quality of life of the Chinese people will subsequently increase, including Indonesia the majority of partners will also benefit.

Reporter: How do you see the situation in Indonesia economic and trade cooperation?

Thomas Laimu Bang: China and Indonesia bilateral relations need to be placed in a broader perspective to look at, and never able to analyze and judge the narrow, short-sighted eyes. This is the current government and the Indonesian president Djoko relations with China tone. Therefore, in strengthening trade and economic cooperation, we propose a "TTI framework", namely "trade - tourism - investment" three dimensions go hand in hand. Although Indonesia's trade deficit remains, but to make Indonesia bilateral trade balance, we can not rely solely on the reduction of trade deficit. Recently, I am pleased to see that tourism income and investment earnings from China are on the rise momentum. For example, "Jakarta - Bandung high-speed rail project," recently officially started the foundation, which has become more balanced bilateral trade in Indonesia's landmark event. Because, since the outflow of funds trade deficit began to be invested reflux Indonesia. This is the Indonesia economic and trade relations in the new era, the new situation to achieve an important first step towards sustainable development.

Reporter: Specific to 2016, Indonesia Indonesia will further deepen economic and trade cooperation initiatives in which the introduction?

Thomas Laimu Bang: First, the Government of Indonesia, represented by the President Djoko agreed that restrict the development of Indonesia's economy is the biggest bottleneck in the supply of inadequate infrastructure. Without good infrastructure, such as adequate power like Indonesia industrialization and modernization will be impossible, foreign trade in primary products is difficult to fundamentally change the basic pattern. Thus, the infrastructure cooperation will become Indonesia's deepening economic and trade cooperation in key areas.

Second, no country wants to carry out economic and trade cooperation under more convenient conditions. Therefore, the Indonesian government will continue to focus on the institutional mechanism "to the bureaucratic process", continue to increase decentralization efforts, so that trade and economic cooperation procedures easier, more enjoyable process.

Third, manufacturing and services is the current government focus on foreign trade and economic cooperation, especially in the manufacturing and processing of modern tourism, we hope the two sides can focus on small and medium enterprises, especially small and micro enterprises, by improving the quality of products and services together to integrate into the global industrial chain. At the same time, the traditional handicraft with a cultural and historical characteristics of Indonesia will continue as an important industry exports to China, the government will continue to be supported.

This article is from "Economic Daily."

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