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People's Daily: Improving Party Building in State-owned enterprises and scientific level

Date:2016年4月15日 12:57

Not long ago, the Central Office issued the "Opinions on deepening the reform of SOEs insist the party's leadership to strengthen the party building", to uphold the party's leadership to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises to strengthen party building request, make arrangements . To implement the central spirit of state-owned enterprises to improve the scientific level of party building, needs a profound understanding of great changes in the state-owned enterprise development environment and conditions occur, an effective response to the new situation party building in state-owned enterprises facing new problems and challenges.

SOE ownership structure and management system of profound changes in the party's construction task more difficult. Most state-owned enterprises became corporations, joint-stock reform, to achieve the diversification of property rights, widespread use of the corporate system and the labor market-oriented personnel system, supervise the implementation of the decision-making system, management model is undergoing profound changes, the enterprise party building made higher requirements.

Some enterprises and their leaders have not done enough to catch a party, there is a "hard hand, a soft" issues. With the establishment and improvement of modern enterprise system, performance evaluation, salary distribution, accountability and other incentive and restraint mechanisms continue to strengthen, companies and their leaders increasingly emphasize operational efficiency and profits, and the relative emphasis on party building is not enough, some party organizations in enterprises status and role of weakening.

Party building work methods, lack of innovation, and the new situation and new tasks are incompatible. Mechanisms and methods of state-owned enterprise party building work is relatively backward, "wearing new shoes to walk the old road" is common. Some of the work of party organizations in enterprises lack vitality, learning and education organized life is monotonous, unified, task sexual activity more diverse, less personalized activities; some enterprises work of party building system is imperfect, principled, workable weak , emergency measures, less long-term measures, especially the lack of quantifiable indicators and specific requirements of assessment methods, and lags far behind the pace of innovation in Party building enterprise development needs.

Party Cadres lags behind the work of party building practices. First, some party cadres with the party's innovative theory to arm the mind is not enough, lack of understanding of the law of the Party building, research is not transparent, not allowed to grasp, can not effectively use the theory to guide the work of party building practices. Second, some party cadres are not familiar with the business management knowledge, do not know how to combine the real capacity of enterprises to strengthen party building, the lack of participation in decision making, control globally. Third party cadres Houjifaren. Some enterprises have been streamlined in the restructuring of the party organization and personnel, marginalization of some party cadres that do party work no future development, influenced the increase of party cadres to improve the structure and quality.

Improve the scientific level of Party Building in State-owned enterprises is a long-term strategic task, but also a complex system engineering. Currently, the focus should be to solve the existing terms of system security, evaluation, team building and other issues.

Deepening the Party Building Regulations. "Insist on deepening reform of state-owned enterprises to strengthen party building in a number of opinions of the party's leadership," the new era of state-owned enterprises to do the work of party building provides basic follow. It should be noted, the actual situation of state-owned enterprises vary widely, uneven work of party building, implementing good "opinions", need to continue to improve the relevance, workable system of supporting the establishment of safeguard mechanisms in terms of content, means and methods.

Establish and improve the work of party building assessment system. With the establishment of modern enterprise system, evaluation system of state-owned enterprises is improving. But the work of party building, many enterprises have yet to establish evaluation system has been established in most of the spontaneous exploratory stage. As the "soft targets" to "hard task", it is necessary to study and formulate a unified state-owned enterprise party building work methods to evaluate, improve and standardize the evaluation of the content, standards, methods and results of use. Party building work assessment can be combined with the annual corporate and term assessment carried out the appraisal results into business leadership and cadres operating performance evaluation system and the evaluation team, the cadre appointment, remuneration, etc. Pingxianpingyou closely linked to ensure that party building assessment integrity, scientific and authoritative.

Cultivate high-quality party cadres. According to the actual state-owned enterprises, formulated the relevant rules and regulations, clear and personnel departments of Party work, job grade promotion, education and training, compensation and benefits, etc. to give full consideration to meet the reasonable and effectively solve practical problems for these departments and personnel, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of party cadres. Combined with the actual party cadres to develop long-term development plan, adhere to both ability and integrity, to Germany for the first selection and employment standards, establish and improve the Party cadre selection and use of assessment mechanism, strive to build a sufficient quantity, reasonable structure, quality excellent party cadres.

(This article is from October 12, "People's Daily", the author of CITIC Group, Commission for Discipline Inspection)

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