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Outside China First Automobile Co., South Region Show activities Agent Recruitment Announcement

Date:2016年4月15日 13:07

Due to business development needs, China First Automobile Co., Ltd. intends to outside 2016 South Region project development activities to implement an open recruitment agency, stay tuned for the following announcement:

1, the recruitment standards

1.1 comply with the relevant laws and regulations, industrial and commercial administration departments approved the registration, permit to engage in business related to the recruitment and meet the qualifications recruited documents of enterprises and institutions are required to have a valid business license, tax registration certificate, organization code card, a good business reputation and sound financial accounting system, no bad track record, the project consortium does not accept the way tenders;

Companies involved in the recruitment of 1.2 shall be before January 1, 2013 in the Chinese mainland registered companies;

1.3 size of the company involved in the recruitment of: a registered capital of 5 million (including 500 million), stable core team of 50 people or more;

1.4 The company shall be involved in the recruitment of more than 2 years of service (direct sign) well-known domestic automobile enterprises experience;

1.5 pairs of the domestic market activity has extensive operational experience in the set-off promotion to promote the sales area for the activities of design, operation forward-thinking development of the industry;

1.6 has a rich show, exhibition, exhibition and other activities scheduled creativity and implementation experience, with rich exhibition, caravans, small caravan exhibition maintenance district tour given material design, production and warehousing and other logistics activities related materials implementation experience;

1.7 with a strong creative activities, operations team, with strong cost control;

2. Recruitment Notice

2.1 After the signing of business: outside China FAW South Region outreach activities strategic planning, operational activities, performance monitoring and other services.

2.2 Protection of trade secrets: If the successful recruitment, contracting companies must abide by Chinese First Automobile Limited appropriate confidentiality agreements and other confidential terms.

2.3 meet the recruitment criteria and are willing to participate in the recruitment of a company should be grateful if the present selection announcement Article 3 of the electronic version (electronic documents and scanned copies) in Beijing at 17:00 on April 20th, 2016 before your link to the network disk in the form of data send to a designated mailbox (gjd_yxgl@faw.com.cn), overdue invalid. At the same time, the information in this announcement under Article 3 of the paper version and an electronic version (electronic documents and scanned copy) in the presence of USB flash drives offer sent by mail, the seal stamped with the company seal. Information required in Beijing at 17 o'clock on April 20, 2016 before your mailed postmarked; and be notified by mail and express delivery time express a single number, in order to prepare Chadang desired.

Mailing address and contact information are as follows:

Information Mailing Address: 12th Floor, Block B, China First Automobile Co., Ltd. 2259 Dongfeng Street, Changchun City, Jilin Province Guo Jiandong income

Zip code: 130 011

Dossier submitted and confirmed: Guo Jiandong 0431-85742631 18043680360 gjd_yxgl@faw.com.cn

3, are required to submit information

3.1 Download recruit returns to participate in the recruitment of attorney to submit qualification documents and the authenticity of the undertaking, please fill out the information about a company, the legal representative signature and seal of the company;

3.2 Qualification: business license, tax registration certificate, VAT general taxpayer qualification materials, organization code certificate and other documents; legal representative of the ID card, ID card authorization. (Note: Please provide a copy; seal of the company business license, please provide the business sector and the official website of the business license for authenticity information);

3.3 corporate management and personnel: organization and personnel management, strategy, creative, event planning, implementation, management professionals description (quantity, work experience, qualifications, etc.). (Note: You must provide the last six months is above the normal payment of social security-related personnel prove otherwise considered invalid information);

3.4 nearly two years of service car brand outreach business situation: large car brand car brand outreach business class service experience (service time, the scope of services, without violating the law, without violating the premise with the customer contract offer contract as evidence);

3.5 The main project: The car brand outreach program of activities planned for nearly 2 years have been performed (number of lists and profiles), nearly 2 years serving the implementation of outreach (number, list and profile);

3.6 nearly two years of relevant evidence of the company's business income (requirement by accounting firms or auditors audited financial statements, including balance sheet, cash flow statement, income statement and financial condition);

3.7 Other qualifications mentioned in the recruitment of the notification form please also provide evidence; for already furnished, but failed to provide valid proof of information will be deemed invalid;

The above information and the information must be true, and the electronic version of the paper version must be consistent. Identification of false information such as funding, will cancel its recruitment qualifications.

4, the recruitment process

4.1 Recruitment announcements

The company received 4.2 Registration Information

4.3 Related Information Screening Review

4.4 In the first instance by submitting information, the company will inform the next step

5. Other matters

5.1 or announcement of the recruitment announcement;

Agent 5.2 China First Automobile Co., a company from the register selected meet the relevant qualification criteria to participate in the tender, to get companies to participate in bidding qualifications required to sign a confidentiality agreement with the China First Automobile Limited.

Note: This announcement is the final interpretation of China First Automobile Co., Ltd. All

Annex 1: Recruitment RFP

Annex 2: Power of Attorney, the authenticity of documents submitted undertaking

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