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FAW Car Sales Co., Ltd. 2016 Hongqi PHEV models offer after-sale technical data development project

Date:2016年4月15日 13:04

First, the recruitment criteria:

1. The enterprise established by law, have a valid business license and tax registration certificate, a good business reputation and sound financial accounting system;

2. The registered capital of not less than one million yuan;

3. Companies for three consecutive years (2013 Year - 2015) average annual turnover of automotive customers no less than 5 million yuan;

4. Technical Information Development team members in mainland China a total of 20 people, of which at least eight people work experience in information technology development for 3 years (inclusive); in Changchun have set up the project team or project group priority;

5. The company shall have at least 3 years of service and seniority automotive customers;

6. With the domestic automobile manufacturers have had new energy vehicles sales technical information Development Cooperation experience is preferred;

7. The company nearly three years (2013 Year - 2015) developed a total of not less than the number of models (3);

8. The company has a strong after-sale technical data model development capability and experience to develop new models user information, maintenance information;

9. The Company is required to fully understand the relevant aspects of the standard car, regulatory requirements, the development of the information required to meet national and industry standards, and the need to meet the "technical information disclosed embodiments, vehicle maintenance management approach" national eight ministries jointly issued (delivery Fa [ 2015] No. 146) requires disclosure rules.

Second, the recruitment of notes:

1. After the signing of business: 2016 Hongqi PHEV vehicle sales technical information on development projects, including the development of user information revision, maintenance information Added to develop;

2. The trade secret protection: If the recruitment is successful, the company must comply with the contract FAW Car Sales Co., Ltd. and FAW Car Co., Ltd. related to confidentiality agreements and other related confidentiality clause.

3. Meet the recruitment criteria and are willing to participate in the recruitment of a company should be grateful if the present selection announcement under Article data paperback edition (seal stamped with the company seal) by EMS mail to the FAW Car Co., Ltd. Purchasing Department, while providing electronic scanning member . Electronic scanning items to be sent in the April 18, 2016 24:00 messages to the designated mailbox, information shall be in Beijing on April 18, 2016 24:00 before delivery to postmark, the late submission of information is considered invalid. Please notify by mail and EMS shipping time EMS number to prepare Chadang desired.

4. Specific mailing address and contact details are the following contents:

Mailing Address: High-tech Zone in Changchun City, Jilin Province Wei Road 4888

FAW Car Co., Ltd. Purchasing Department General Material Procurement Section Yinshi Long Postal Code: 130012

Contact information:

Chen Jian: 0431-81504806

Email: yinshilong@fawcar.com.cn

Third, are required to submit information:

1. declaration form (see attachment) Please fill out your company related information, please affix the company seal and signed by legal representatives.

2. Qualification: passed the annual examination of the business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate and other supporting material; certificate of legal representative or power of attorney; 2013 to 2015 annual financial statements; legal representative ID card, ID ID card. (Note: Please provide a copy and official seal; business license official website inquiries the authenticity of information);

3. corporate management and personnel: organizational structure, the number of management staff and developers, Changchun team (or establish) management and developer resume.

4. The last two years (2014 Year - 2015) with the major auto manufacturers Availability: including project name, Cooperation content and time (please provide contract as evidence).

5. with FAW Group and its affiliated companies the state of cooperation, including the project name, Cooperation content and time (please provide contract as evidence).

6. The list of the company nearly two years (2014 Year - 2015) in cooperation with the major automobile manufacturers successful cases, described in detail and explained, if the development of new energy vehicles aftermarket information case, please list together.

The above information and the information must be true. Such as the identification of false data and information, we will cancel its recruitment qualifications.

Fourth, the recruitment process:

1. Recruitment announcement official website announced

2. The data collection should recruit agents

3. Review Screening Info

4. The submission of information by the first instance, the company will inform the next step

Accessories: Recruitment RFP

Note: This announcement is the final interpretation of all FAW Car Co., Ltd.

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