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海陆空运输资源丰富(18个口岸),依托自身物流体系优势,提供“门到门”服务。现有箱站面积23.7万m2 ,集装箱存储量5428F。

  • NAME: JH6 International 6*4 Tractor Truck Head For Sale
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Mass Curb Weight of Chassis (kg) 8870 Dimensions Overall dimensions (mm) Length (mm) 7015
Axle load distribution (kg) Front 4650 Width (mm) 2495
Rear 4220 Height mm 3910
Curb weight (kg) -- Wheel Base(mm) 3300+1350
Axle Load distribution(kg) Front -- Wheel Track(mm) Front 2056
Rear -- Rear 1830
Gross vehicle weight (kg) 25000 Min. Ground Clearance(under rear axle) (mm) 314
MAX Axle Load distribution (kg) Front 6500 Approach Angle (°) 22
Rear 2*13000 Departure Angle(°) 55
Max. drawing Capacity (kg) 40100 Front Overhang (mm) 1495
Total weight with trailer (kg) 49000 Rear Overhang (mm) 770
Max. Load Capacity(kg) 16100 Distance from tractor seat to ground (loaded) 1261
Performances Min. Steering Diameter (m) 15.6 Tractor seat pin D. Φ50(mm)
Max. Speed (km/h) 118 Engine Model WP12.460N
Max. Grade ability (%) 38 Displacement (L) 11.6
Parking Brake Grade Angle (%) 12 Max. Output Power kw/rpm 338/1900
Direct Shift Min. Stable Speed (km/h) 35 Max. Torque Nm/(r/min) 2110/1000~1400
Direct Shift Accelerate Time (s) 30
(40-70km/h) Rated fuel consumption g/kw·h  
Sliding Distance(from 50km/h) (m) ≥800 Min. Fuel Consumption g/kw·h  
Braking Distance (from 30km/h) (m) ≤10 Cab Type JH06 Cab on engine, all metal closed, integral front tilting angle 44º
Fuel Consumption (l/100km) 38
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 800 Seats 2
Frame Type Side rails, punching and riveted construction Clutch Type Dry type, single plate, diaphragm spring clutch, hydraulic controlled and air auxiliary power supply
Main Rail section 300×80×8(mm)
Auxiliary Rail Section   Driven Plate Dia. φ430(mm)
Transmission Model EATON ETO-20113 Power Steering Model Recycle ball type, Hydraulic power steering
Forward Shifts Ratio iDL=13.94,i1=9.63,i2=7.60,i3=6.07,i4=4.85,i5=3.87,i6=3.06,i7=2.44,i8=1.95,i9=1.59,i10=1.25,i11=1.00,i12=0.80 Ratio 22.2:1,limit: 26.2:1
Pump Max. pressure(kPa) 13000
Reverse Shift Ratio iDPR=18.86,RL=7.58,RH=3.11
Wheel Alignments Wheel Camber Brake System Rated working air  784
pressure (kPa)
Kingpin sidewise inclination Driving Brake Double circuit air brake
Kingpin extroversion 1°46 Parking Brake Spring energy storage type
Toe-in (measured onΦ648 diameter) 0-2(mm)  Auxiliary Brake Engine Brake / Exhaust Brake
Rear Axle Type FAW Single Reduction 457 Electrical System Type Single line, negative grounded
Reduction Ratio 3.7 Voltage 24V
Generator 1500W
Differential lock Inter-axle differential Battery (V/Ah) 2-12/150
Truck Body Size (mm) -- Wheel Rim 9.00*22.5
Tyre Model 315/80R22.5-20
Air pressure(kPa) 770±10

Contact: Manager Li

Tel: 0086-0431-85736114


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